• Utilizing industry standards, the latest certified testing equipment, and a dedicated testing staff, MAWASCO can accommodate all of your water testing needs.
  • Our testing capabilities provide utilities, other water authorities, and meter unit providers with unbiased flow measurement assessments.
  • Our facilities have the capabilities to test water meters in a wide range of operating conditions, similar to those they’d experience during service.
  • Meter repair is done at a fee of Ksh. 500 upon request by the customer payable at our offices while meter servicing is done for free.
  • Abnormal consumption caused by suspected tampering can also be a reason for meter testing.
  • If your water meter has been broken and not working for a while, it just might be time to fix it. That’s right, you can find more than one problem with a malfunctioning water meter.
  • When the needle on your water meter isn’t moving at all or is moving extremely slowly, this indicates that there is either a leak in the pipes or that there is an obstruction blocking the flow of water through them. This can be caused by either a broken pipe or a loose pipe connection.
  • Another possibility is that the meter itself is in need of repair and the water company needs to replace the meter. The most common reason for needing to have your water meter repaired is that it has been broken for some time and it has stopped working.